Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Ko Samet

Greetings from Ko Samet! 

I've spent the last few days on this beautiful island and will sadly have to leave tomorrow, so I thought I'd write a little recap of my stay.

The only way to reach Ko Samet is by boat- the most popular choice being the scheduled ferry from Ban Phe. Instead, we decided to take a slightly more Bond-esque approach by arriving at the south shores on speed boat. The journey over was fun if not terrifying, as we were tossed high into the air with each giant leap over the waves.

It wasn't long before we arrived and my cousin and I were off exploring the island. It was then when I discovered what I thought to be an octopus (ha!) but turned out to be a starfish.

Meanwhile, my uncle booked us all into these cute little bungalows overlooking the beach, where we got to fall asleep to the soothing sounds of the ocean each night.

(photo courtesy of my aunty)

Besides taking in the scenery and relaxing on the beach, I've also been diving for the first time and got to see the most beautiful sea life living beneath these crystal clear waters (I've never wished I owned a waterproof camera more), dined at the most amazing restaurants and rode a quad bike.
The sea view from my bungalow:

To sum up, there's something for everyone here at Ko Somet- from unspoilt secluded beaches (south of the island) to lively bars up north (which I may or may not have enjoyed just a little too much). You're spoilt for choice of accomodation and food, and there's plenty of activities going on to keep you entertained. Definitely worth a visit if you're within the area of Bangkok.


Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Thailand Part One

Well hello Ditsykins,

I'm sat outside in the 30 degree heat, looking out onto the the pool and watching the sun go down (If only all blog posts could be written like this). It's the perfect time to ramble on about my adventures so far. 

I've spent the first few days exploring the local area under the guidance of my aunty. First stop was the beach by her house.

Many hours have been spent lazing around sipping fresh coconuts here.

I bravely rode a tuk tuk or 'sam lor' to the local food market, which turned out to be rather like riding one those 'Chuckmobiles' (anyone remember Chucklevision?) that you can hire in Europe (only with a lot more cars getting scarily close to you).

(Bottom right)
Next on the agenda was the orphanage. My aunt and uncle regularly visit with toys and snacks to give to the children, so I went along with a few things of my own to hand out. They're all such wonderful children that deserve a loving family, I wish I could take them home with me. I'll definitely be going back a few more times before my trip is over.

(Top and bottom left)
We took junior to visit the local sheep farm and teddy bear museum. He loved them! He got to feed all of the animals, rode a pony for the first time and befriended lots of teddies.

(Top right)
 And here I am now, spending another evening relaxing by the pool, blogging and enjoying late night dips in the pool. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to start exploring further afield, so I'll keep you updated on here and Instagram.


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Thailand: Getting There

Hi Ditsydollies,

Well, I finally made it to my aunt and uncle's in Thailand. It's been one hell of a journey! One that deserves an entire blog post dedicated to it, actually.
With a little help from the kind airport staff, I managed to find my way around the huge and confusing London airport without getting in a fluster. Everything was going smoothly- I found a quiet little spot in the First Class Lounge, bought some snacks and was happily waiting to board my plane. 

Then the trouble started...

I was notified that my flight had been cancelled and that another airline would be operating in two hours time. Ok, that's not too bad (or so I thought). Only, I was then told that I would no longer be flying direct and would have a stopover in India for several hours. I very nearly threw in the towel and admitted defeat by this point (I don't cope well with the unexpected), but after a long pep talk from my mom over the phone, I managed to push through and continue on with my journey. 

I boarded the plane and enjoyed a complimentary glass of champagne. Everything was going swimmingly until my anxiety kicked in mid take-off and I was engulfed in a full blown panic attack. I had this overwhelming feeling of impending doom and the desire to be safely back on the ground. What happened after that is kind of a blur, I just remember a lovely stewardess offering me lots of snacks and drinks. Eventually I did calm down and go to sleep though.

But more was yet to come...

After a long layover in India, I finally made it to Thailand- the 'Land of Smiles', although I wasn't smiling by this point. It was late and I was exhausted, I just wanted to grab my case and jump in the car with my uncle without further delays. Simple, right? No. I was pulled aside for questioning regarding all of the medication that I have to take for lupus. Despite numerous doctors letters explaining them, I felt like I was being arrested for posession of drugs. And to top it all off my luggage went missing! Fan-bloody-tastic. I had to borrow from my aunty until we could go to the mall to buy a new set of clothes. Thank God everything is so cheap out here!

And there you have it- the disaster flight that was. I dare say I'll never set foot on a plane again.



Tuesday, 15 March 2016

What's in my hand luggage?

Hi Ditsydollies,

As you know, I'm flying solo to Thailand very soon (eek!). I'm feeling very excited and unbelievably nervous at the same time. To combat this, I've been getting super organised by planning everything ahead. I haven't finished picking out which clothes I'm taking yet, but I have decided on what bits and bobs will be going in my carry-on bag.

My trusty sunglasses:: I can don these as I arrive at the airport and appear to be a seasoned jetsetter (when in reality they're hiding all manner of sins).

Purse:: My everyday purse from Ted Baker. It has lots of compartments so I can separate my UK stuff from my foreign currency.

Passport and reading glasses:: I wouldn't get very far without a passport!

Liz Earle Botanical Essence No.20:: These little samples of perfume are perfect for travelling.

Deodorant:: I don't want to arrive a sweaty betty now, do I?

Moisturiser:: A small pot of Liz Earle's Superskin Moisturiser to help my skin stay hydrated on the plane.

Lip balm (read about it HERE):: Everyone knows flying dries out your skin and lips, so this is an obvious choice to go with my moisturiser.

Kindle, iPhone, earphones and 3DS:: I imagine flying by myself will be very boring, so I'll be bringing these along to help pass the time (and keep me sane!).

Phone charger:: It's a long journey and my phone will likely need charging.

Camera (Canon Ixus 265 HS- I'm thinking about getting a new one to take with me. Any suggestions?):: I might like to document my journey through the sky. Plus, it's safer than risking my camera getting lost or damaged in luggage.

And that is it. There's still quite a bit of space, so I might add a small blanket or cardigan. I'll probably buy some snacks and magazines at the airport as well.

Is there anything I'm missing that you think I should include? Let me know in the comments!